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Issue 259 February 17, 2020 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

Although economics is an inherently political subject, the intersection between policy and economics is typically not the main focus of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter. This is slightly different in this issue, which includes a regular and a surprising item related to economic policy issues. The regular item stems from the Euromemorandum-Group, which annually announces a plea for implementing alternative macroeconomic policies in Europe - you will find this plea below and can take the opportunity to explicitly support this year's EuroMemorandum "A Green New Deal for Europe – Opportunities and Challenges" by using this form. The more surprising, if not unique, item is a note on the congressional testimony by Randall Wray on the implications of MMT for fiscal policies. While it might just be the case that I am ignorant and, hence, have overlooked similar occasions, I think it's the first time in my editorship that such a congressional testimony by a prominent heterodox economist has been requested and submitted. Congratulations on that!

Another issue, that relates more closely to the Newsletter's core agenda, is to alert our younger readers that the annual "wave of summer school-announcements" is starting with this Newsletter-issue, which already includes four related announcements for upcoming summer schools. All details on summer schools can be found in the "call for participants"-section that is regularly included in each issue and experience suggests that more such announcement will follow in the upcoming issues - so be sure to stay tuned.

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