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Issue 253 October 14, 2019 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

In this issue of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter, you will find a series of hasty items with close deadlines - mainly calls for papers and job posts - that might require your immediate attention. So be sure to inspect this issue quickly to not miss a possible opportunity.

Having said that I also wanted to draw your attention to a new heterodox economic journal, the Review of Evolutionary Political Economy (REPE). REPE has been founded by the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE; see also my last editorial which contains a short reflection on EAEPE's recent conference) and has managed to assemble a diverse set of highly visible and knowledgeable economists to serve on its editorial and advisory boards (find out more details here). By trying to combine pluralism and interdisciplinarity with a focus on pressing policy issues, REPE sets out to fill an important gap in the current journal landscape for heterodox economists and like-minded researchers.

An item especially relevant for the younger cohorts is the annual call of applications for the highly rewarding EPOG Master program. EPOG (now) stands for "Economic Policies for the Global transition" and has earned some fame for providing excellent teaching on diverse aspects in heterodox economics and political economy.

Finally, I wanted to add that we have a new job ad out for a Post-Doc located in the Institute for Socio-Economics at University Duisburg-Essen dealing with the relationship between socio-economic problems and political integration (see here below). It goes without saying that we would be extremely happy to receive some international applications for this position.

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