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Issue 249 July 08, 2019 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

This issue of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter contains many items that may either enrich or ruin your summer vacation. For one, publishers are eager to fill up your suitcases with their recent publications. As a consequence our sections on recently published books and journal issues are more voluminous than usual. Within these sections, I found a series of interesting contributions, that surely merit further investigation. Among the things that caught my attention the most, are two books: one on the financial and economic crises of 1873 (see here) and another one that comes with the provocative claim to provide new bridges between social and natural science by taking the latter more seriously (see here). Especially the book on the 1873 crisis provides some relief as, in my view, this crisis is of great historical importance and pedagogical value, but is nonetheless often assigned a minor role in the study & teaching of economic history.

Having said this, I wanted to add that this Newsletter also won’t leave you disappointed, if you prefer to spend some time writing your own contributions instead of reading what others contribute. Among the recent Calls for Papers you will find not only a series of interesting invitations to academic conferences, but also nearly half a dozen Calls for Special Issues in a variety of heterodox economic journals.

Finally, if you prefer to really chill out – and, hence, neither read or write too much – my personal recommendation is to listen to some recent podcasts on the history of economic thought. Probably, there is no better way to relax for a heterodox economists than to walk into a bar jointly with Adam Smith and Karl Marx (see here, but also here).

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