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Issue 217 August 14, 2017 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

It is always refreshing to watch heterodox economics grow and expand its intellectual scope. It does so against many odds and thereby adds a blink of intellectual diversity to the often monotonous outlook of modern mainstream economics. Against this backdrop, I was highly delighted to read about the emergence of a new department of Socio-Economics in Germany (at the University of Duisburg-Essen), which is currently seeking a series of candidates to significantly expand its activities. As always, all details can be found further below in the section on job postings.

However, expansion may come at the cost of losing ground and consolidating past knowledge is a sometimes tiresome, but highly important as well as fruitful task for academics. It is for these reasons that I applaude the efforts of Tae-Hee Jo, Lynne Chester and Carlo D'Ippoliti for composing the laudable "Handbook on Heterodox Economics". While an alternative Handbook on "research methods and applications in heterodox economics" has been around for some time, theirs is the first to really focus on "heterodox economics" without an additional qualifier. From what I have seen by looking at the proofs, the editors have done an amazing job in bringing together contributions reviewing the history and state of the art of heterodox economics from an explicitly pluralist perspective, which is why I recommend to order this book immediately ;-)

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