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Issue 220 October 16, 2017 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

This issue of the Newsletter features a series of interesting and timely items. You will find some exciting books, e.g. on the "costs of Brexit" or the role of cost-benefit analysis and a lop-sided focus on efficiency in public policy, as well as a set of current journal issues - for instance, the European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies published a nice issue covering main contributions from last year's conference of the Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies. In addition, this Newsletter also includes some opportunities for academic jobs and PhD-grants as well as a series of Calls for special issues and upcoming conferences.

Notwithstanding all these useful items, this Newsletter also includes two calls for support, which I urge you to consider: one is by Bruce Cronin, who is trying to update the quality-adjusted ranking of heterodox economics journals (the current version of this ranking can be found here). Another call is issued by IAFFE with the aim to challenge prevalent sexism in the profession's most frequented online forum. The aptness of the latter proposal can be inferred from this working paper on the "gendered" use of language in said forum. The paper surely leaves one in a troubled state of mind - and, hence, shares a feature with many other working papers in our profession.

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