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Issue 247 May 20, 2019 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

During my academic career, I have for many years designed 'complementary' lectures, talks and seminars. In these, I tried to provide students enrolled in standard econ or business-programs with some critical reflection by illuminating new theoretical or methodological vantage points in a way that would also help them to progress in their main fields of specialization. Hence, I taught stuff like 'economics and philosophy', 'normative aspects in economic thought', history of economic thought, philosophy of science and an occasional seminar on heterodox economics, mostly as electives.

Against this background, I am overly happy to announce that from next autumn on this will change as our new MA-Program in Socio-Economics at University of Duisburg-Essen is starting the upcoming winter term. In this program we build on a truly diversified set of ideas and intellectual traditions as a core, which is tied together by an understanding of Socio-Economics as a coherent subject aiming to understand economic development and social change as deeply intertwined processes. Obviously, ideas from heterodox economics and the history of thought play a key role in our curriculum, but are complemented by important perspectives from other disciplines like philosophy, history or political science. My personal approach to Socio-Economics builds on scientific realism, a systemic view of social developments and theoretical and disciplinary pluralism and much of this is also reflected in the proposed curriculum.

All details on our new program can be found here and it would highly appreciated, if you could share this information with potentially interested students.

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