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Informational Directory for Heterodox Economists (hereafter, Directory) was first published in January 2005 by Fred Lee, Steve Cohn, Goeffrey Schenider, and Paddy Quick. The same editors published an updated edition of the Directory in May 2005. The third edition (August 2008), edited by Fred Lee, was significantly expanded with new sections on “Introduction to Heterodox Economics,” and many heterodox-oriented websites and institutions.

The Directory together with Heterodox Economics Newsletter has been a valuable resource for heterodox economists and students around the world. It has made a remarkable contribution to the making of more cohesive and friendly community of heterodox economists. To continue the tradition set by former editors and to make it even more informative, I have updated the Directory. The fourth edition has incorporated not only new information announced in the issues of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter published between September 2008 and December 2010, but also many contributions by heterodox economists.

The first two chapters of the Directory are devoted to heterodox economics programs. In this edition, 40 heterodox graduate programs and 56 undergraduate programs are listed. I believe there are still more heterodox economics programs around the world. If your heterodox department is not listed here, let us (and others) know. The chapter on heterodox journals now includes all 62 major heterodox journals identified in the recent study by Lee and Cronin (2010)1 as well as other interdisciplinary and popular journals (total 151 journals). In the following chapter, the list of publishers and book series has been expanded (31 publishers and 29 book series). In the penultimate chapter, heterodox associations, blogs, institutes and other websites are listed with many new additions. The final chapter, “100 Words on Heterodox Economics,” is new to this edition. This chapter was part of 100th issue of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter (May 2010). To celebrate the 100th issue of the Newsletter, Editors asked about 100 heterodox economists around the world, representing their school of thought, institution, association, country, or region, about the current state and future of heterodox economics. Although the response rate was low, we received very interesting and enlightening responses from prominent heterodox economists. Young heterodox economists, in particular, should listen to what “old” heterodox economists are saying about the current and future of heterodox economics.

Lastly, I owe thanks to Nicola Matthews, my first graduate student at Buffalo State College and now a doctoral student at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. Without her assistance this edition couldn’t be completed.

Tae-Hee Jo
December 2010

All queries about the Directory and the Newsletter should be sent to heterodoxnews@gmail.com.

[Download the 4th Edition (2011) of the Directory