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Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship

The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide scholarships for tuition and fees, up to three classes per semester, for doctoral heterodox economics students.


The students eligible for assistance must be enrolled in a doctoral heterodox economics program and demonstrate financial need.

Preference will be given to students enrolled in the UMKC heterodox doctoral economics program. In addition, preference will be given (in order of preference) to:

  1. Students who have no scholarship support at all and need the support to continue in their heterodox doctoral program; and
  2. Students who have only partial scholarship support and need additional support to continue in their heterodox doctoral program.

Scholarships will be awarded prior to the fall and spring semesters on an annual basis. The Fund will not provide scholarship aid for dissertation credit hours or for credit hours that are not directly relevant for the completion of the doctoral program’s course work.

Scholarships are not renewable; however, previous recipients may reapply.

Varies. Tuition and fees for up to three classes per semester.

June 1 and November 1. [Apply Here] 

Call for Contributions

Your contribution to honor the work of Frederic Lee and to support the education of doctoral students is appreciated. Contribute to the Fund here