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Issue 283 July 26, 2021 web pdf Heterodox Economics Directory

I admit I have been boycotting online conferences for about a year. Surely, one reason for that was that coping with all the circumstances imposed by the pandemic ate up a lot of time. But the more immediate cause was that I expected 'online conferences' to lack the part I cherish the most – informal chatting with colleagues from all over the world. This month I have crossed this line and took part in this year's SASE conference, which has taken place in an online format. Although my prejudices have been confirmed, as private chats are only a meager substitute for face-to-face communication, it was a neat experience after all (although I admit that seeing sessions run from 8 AM to 12 PM is spooky at first). During the conference I mostly took part in a sub-stream (dubbed 'mini-conference' at SASE) on The Political Economy of Financial Subordination (see here), which featured a highly diverse set of papers trying to gain a better understanding of the connection between power relations and financial systems from a global perspective. In my view, this stream focused on an underresearched topic with huge merits, and as I expect this mini-conference to also play a role in next year's SASE conference, I wanted to raise some awareness for this.

Other great news come in the form of an anniversary: Geoff Harcourt, a giant of heterodox economic thought and a long-term supporter of this Newsletter, has turned 90! While any real-world festivities had to be cancelled due to current circumstances, there is a new website out that celebrates Geoff's achievements. I was also pleased to find out that Cambridge University Press is going to publish a '50th anniversary edition' of Geoff's Some Cambridge Controversies in the Theory of Capital, which Avi J. Cohen organized together with Tiago Mata, to mark his 90th birthday. On SSRN you will also find a fine paper by Tiago that traces this book's impact and illuminates its "rich history". Many thanks to all the people who put some effort into these projects, and warm congratulations and a happy anniversary to Geoff who has done so much for our community.



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