AFIT 2015: Two Sessions in Memory of Frederic S. Lee

Association for Institutional Thought Annual Conference in conjunction with Western Social Science Association | April 8 -11, 2015 | Portland, Oregon | website 


Panel 1: Systems of Time, Money, and Provisioning: Session in Memory of Frederic S. Lee

Thursday (AFIT/ASE Joint Session), 8:00-9:30

Moderator: Ted P. Schmidt, SUNY Buffalo State

  • “Social Provisioning Process and the Development of Heterodox Economics”
    Tae-Hee Jo (SUNY Buffalo State) and Zdravka Todorova (Wright State University)
  • Local Food Systems and Economic Development”
    Brian Werner (University of Missouri – Kansas City)
  • “Time Systems and Their Adoption”
    Neal Wilson (University of Missouri Kansas City)
  • “A Financial Analysis of Monetary Systems”
    Eric Tymoigne (Lewis and Clark College)


Panel 19: Social Provisioning for a Just Society: Session in Memory of Frederic S. Lee

Saturday, 9:45 – 11:15

Organizer: Mitch Green (Franklin & Marshall College)

Moderator: William Dugger (University of Tulsa)

  • “Notes towards a Heterodox Theory of Pay”
    Ryan A. Dodd (Gettysburg College)
  • “Good for the Economy, Bad for People”
    BJ Unti (Bellevue College)
  • “Rational Irrationality: an Institutional Analysis of the Unsustainable Nature of Capitalism”
    Will Fisher (Humboldt State University)
  • “The Emergence of Qualitative Change in the Social Provisioning Process”
    Mitch Green (Franklin & Marshall College)