Books and Articles Read, 1975 – 1979

This is the list of the books and articles I read between 1974-79/80. These are the kinds of books/articles that any young gung-ho Post Keynesian/heterodox economist would be reading. From June 1971 to Dec. 2013 I have read 12,674 items.


In Saudi Arabia October 1973-August 1975


  • The General Theory, by J. M. Keynes
  • Theories of Value and Distribution since Adam Smith, by M. Dobb


  • Monopoly Capital, by P. Baran and P. Sweezy
  • Microeconomic Theory, by C. E. Ferguson
  • The New Industrial State, by J. K. Galbraith
  • Economic Essays on Value, Competition and Utility, by V. K. Dmitriev
  • Oligopoly and Technical Progress by P. Sylos-Labini

At Columbia University, September 1976 – May 1977

  • Essays in the Theory of Economic Fluctuations, by M. Kalecki
  • The Pricing of Manufacturers, by R. H. Barback
  • “Price Theory and Business Behaviour”, by R. L. Hall and C. J. Hitch
  • Theory of Economic Dynamics, by M. Kalecki
  • “Pricing in the Trade Cycle,” by Nordhaus and Godley
  • “The Price Policy of Firms, the Level of Employment and Distribution of Income in the Short-run,” by D. J. Harris
  • “A Theory of the Determination of the Mark-up Under Oligopoly,” A. S. Eichner
  • A Theory of Profits, by A. Wood
  • Structural Change and Economic Growth, by P. Leon


  • “An Essay on Post-Keynesian Theory:  A New Paradigm in Economics”, by A. S. Eichner and J. A. Kregel
  • Industrial Prices and Their Relative Inflexibility, by G. C. Means
  • The Megacorp and Oligopoly, by A. S. Eichner
  • Rate of Profit, Distribution, and Growth, by J. A. Kregel
  • Linear Algebra, by S. Lipschutz
  • “The Irrelevance of Returns to Scale in Sraffa’s Analysis”, by J. Eatwell
  • “Competition and the Evolution of the Capitalist Mode of Production”, by J. A. Clifton

At the University of Edinburgh, September 1977-June 1978

  • “This Age of Leontief…and Who?  An Interpretation,’ by A. L. Levine
  • Money and the Real World, by P. Davidson
  • A Treatise on Money, by J. M. Keynes


  • “A Distributed Lag Investment Function”, by R. Eisner
  • Structural Change in the American Economy, by A. P. Carter
  • The Structure of American Economy, by W. W. Leontief
  • Manufacturing Business, by P. W. S. Andrews
  • The Reconstruction of Political Economy:  An Introduction to Post-Keynesian Economics, by J. A. Kregel
  • Studies in Company Finance, by B. Tew and R. F. Henderson

At Rutgers University, August 1978 – 1981/83

  • Lectures on the Theory of Production, by L. L. Pasinetti
  • Sraffa and the Theory of Prices, by A. Roncaglia
  • The Behavior of Industrial Prices, by Stigler and Kindhal
  • Statistical Cost Analysis, by J. Johnston
  • Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities, by P. Sraffa
  • “Sraffa’s Theory of Prices and the Post-Keynesian Theory of Price Change and Inflation,” by J. A. Kregel


  • “The Irrelevance of Equilibrium Economics”, by N. Kaldor
  • Studies in Pricing by P. W. S. Andrews and E. Brunner