FSL Heterodox Economics Scholarship: Call for Applications

The application for the Fall 2021 semester is now open. 


The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide scholarships for tuition and fees, up to three classes per semester, for doctoral heterodox economics students.  

In order to be eligible, students must be enrolled in a doctoral heterodox economics program in the United States and demonstrate financial need. The fund will not provide scholarship aid for dissertation credit hours or for credit hours that are not directly relevant for the completion of the doctoral program’s course work.

Selection criteria include: 

1) Priority will be given to students who have no scholarship support at all and need the support to continue in their heterodox doctoral program.  Students who have only partial scholarship support and need additional support to continue in their heterodox doctoral program will also be considered.

2) Preference will be given to students who are interested in working in heterodox microeconomics.  Applicants from other fields of study are also encouraged to apply, especially if they are willing to do heterodox economics in an integrative manner (as opposed to adhering to a single heterodox tradition).

The deadline for the spring semester is November 15; and  for the fall semester is May 15. 

Information and the application can be found at

Donations can be made at https://gkccfonlinedonations.org/give/leeh00.asp