Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Heterodox Economics (2016)

Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Heterodox Economics

Edited Frederic S. Lee and Bruce Cronin

To be published in April 2016 (hardback) and 2018 (paperback) by Edward Elgar. Handbooks of Research Methods and Applications series [Details on the EE website][Look inside the book, TOC, Intro, Chapter 1]


Despite the important critiques of the mainstream offered by heterodox economics, the dominant method remains econometrics. This major new Handbook provides an invaluable introduction to a range of alternative research methods better suited for analysing the social data prominent in heterodox research projects, including survey, historical, ethnographic, experimental, and mixed approaches, together with factor, cluster, complex, and social network analytics. Introductions to each method are complemented by descriptions of applications in practice.

Table of Contents

Dedication to Frederic S. Lee by Bruce Cronin

Introduction / Frederic S. Lee and Bruce Cronin

1. Critical Realism as a Social Ontology for Economics / Jamie Morgan
2. Critical Realism, Method of Grounded Theory, and Theory Construction / Frederic S. Lee
3. An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Heterodoxy / Rick Szostak

4. Separate or Symbiotic? Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in (Heterodox) Economics Research / Lynda Pickbourn and Smita Ramnarain
5. Historical Method and Data / Natalia Bracarense
6. Using Survey Methods in Heterodox Economic Research / Tiago Cardão-Pito
7. Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods in Economics / Amit Basole and Smita Ramnarain
8. Experimental Methods and Data / Andrew Mearman
9. Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and Nonparametric Research Methods for Heterodox Economic Analysis / Michael J. Murray
10. Regression Analysis: A Review / Paul Downward
11. Critical Realism, Econometrics, and Heterodox Economics /Nuno Ornelas Martins
12. Social Network Analysis / Bruce Cronin
13. Agent-Based Computational Economics: Simulation Tools for Heterodox Research / Jonathan F. Cogliano and Xiao Jiang
14. Modeling as a Research Method in Heterodox Economics / Frederic S. Lee
15. Mixed Research Methods and Data Triangulation: An Answer for Economics? / Ioana Negru

16. A Mixed Methods Approach to Investment Behavior / Armagan Gezici
17. Price Stability / Gyun Cheol Gu
18. Studying Low-Income Households / Lynne Chester
19. Marketisation and Human Service Providers: An Industry Study / Bob Davidson
20. A Qualitative Case Study of the Mexican Stock Market (BMV) from the Perspective of Critical Realism and Grounded Theory / Jesús Muñoz
21. Looking into the Black Box: Policy as a Contested Process / Jamee K. Moudud
22. Modeling the Economy as a Whole: Stock-Flow Models / Gennaro Zezza
23. A Mixed Methods Approach to Investigating the Employment Decisions of Aged Care Workers in Australia / Therese Jefferson, Siobhan Austen, Rhonda Sharp, Rachel Ong, Valerie Adams and Gill Lewin
24. Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Field Work: An Application to Research on Gender, Migration and Remittances in Ghana / Lynda Pickbourn
25. A Data Triangulation Approach to Understanding the Behavior of Small Landholders in Bulgaria / Mieke Meurs
26. Measuring the Intra-Household Distribution of Wealth in Ecuador: Qualitative Insights and Quantitative Outcomes / Carmen Diana Deere and Zachary Catanzarite
27. The Use of Quasi-Experimental Design in Urban and Regional Research and Political Economy / Thomas E. Lambert and Michael Bewley
28. Detecting Business Cycles / Susan K. Schroeder
29. A Régulationist Analysis of an Industry Sector using Mixed Research Methods / Lynne Chester


Dedication to Frederic S. Lee