An Interview with Fred Lee (2014)

This is the full interview with Fred Lee (interviewed by Erik Olsen in September 2014) posted on URPE YouTube channel on November 7. 2016. 

0:00 History and background through college.
9:30 How did you move into economics (from history and philosophy)?
11:35 Economic training
17:33 Graduate school at Rutgers
24:04 What was Al Eichner’s influence on you?
26:24 Let’s start talking about your work.
31:50 How did you develop Post-Keynesian price theory after that?
36:00 Relation to other Post-Keynesian micro books.
39:40 Connection between work and political convictions.
45:10 His work with the Industrial Workers of the World.
46:35 The return of Joe Hill’s ashes.
49:35 How did you become involved with URPE?
56:58 URPE as a pluralist organization.
58:00 What is it like to be a radical or heterodox economist in the profession?
1:02:35 What is the part of your work that you are most proud of and what made the greatest contribution?
1:03:11You use the terms “Post-Keynesian micro” and “Heterodox micro”–what is the difference?
1:08:13 What are your thoughts on UMKC and your life and development here?
1:13:08 Survival of URPE as an organization.
1:19:25 URPE as the most pluralist economics association. The danger of sectarianism.
1:25:01 You have been a strong advocate for pluralism–could you discuss?