2015 Joe Hill Calendar and Heterodox Economics Scholarship

Dear All,

The 2015 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar is now available. It features Joe Hill. If you do not know who Joe Hill is, I suggest that you do a little bit of work and find out or better yet hum to yourself, “Would you have freedom from wage slavery,…”. And if you think you know something about the 1% versus the 99% and do not know who Joe Hill is then I suggest checking out the song “Preacher and the Slave” on the internet or some other strange contraption that did not exist in 1911. In the inside backpage you will find a picture of myself with Joe Hill’s ashes–this is about as close as you will get to any real hero of the working class whose life was indeed put on the line–he was executed by the capitalists in 1915. You either walk the walk or you do not; and my career (along with my colleagues from around the world) have indeed walked the walk to ensure that heterodox program exist and heterodox economists have jobs.  And this has meant significant hardships for students and colleagues (not to mention loss of employment–see “A History of Heterodox Economics”) to critically study the mainstream theory that calls into question the arguments that supports the 1%.  And it also means that you have to go beyond the critical and develop an alternative that draws upon the different heterodox approaches.

Through the Heterodox Economics Association Booth at the ASSA, 60 Joe Hill calendars will be provided free to anyone.  In return, all that is asked is that you look at the literature in the booth, in particular the scholarship material for graduate students.  It is not cheap to go to graduate school; and at times it appears that those who have have obtained their PhD have no interest in helping those who would like to get a PhD–in this case, they are certainly not walking the walk nor caring about the heterodox community of economists in which they operate.  Do something–give a damn.  For more information about the Joe Hill calendar go to http://iwwhlf.org; www.joehill100.com. Information about the Frederic S. Lee Scholarship Fund can be found at:http://heterodoxnews.com/leefs/fsl-schoarlship/.


Fred Lee