Post Keynesian Economics

Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics

 Frederic S. Lee
Preliminary Draft

Part I Introducing Post Keynesian Economics
Chapter 1 The Disaggregated Framework of the British Economy
Chapter 2 The Economy and Economic Theory and Models

Part II The Business Enterprise
Chapter 3 The Business Enterprise
Chapter 4 Structure of Production and Costs of the Business Enterprise.
Chapter 5 Costing, Pricing, and Prices

Part III The Business Enterprise, the Market Price and Demand
Chapter 6 Business Enterprise, Reproduction, and the Market Price.
Chapter 7 Business Enterprise, Competition, and the Determination of the Market Price
Chapter 8 Consumer, Industrial, and Government Demand.

Part IV The Organization of Markets and the Market Price
Chapter 9 Trade Association
Chapter 10 Price Leadership
Chapter 11 Government Regulation, Laws, and the Market Price

Part V Prices and Output and Disaggregated Model of the Economy
Chapter 12 Grounded Pricing Model
Chapter 13 Grounded Output Model

Part VI Micofoundations of Aggregate Economic Activity