Working Papers

[2012] Lee, Frederic, Pham, Xuan, and Gu, Gyun. “The UK research assessment exercise and the narrowing of UK economics.” MPRA Working Paper 41842. October 2012.

  • Appendix to Lee, Pham, and Gu. 2012. (updated, February 18, 2013)

[2012] Lee, Frederic S. “Critical realism, grounded theory, and theory construction in heterodox economics“, MPRA Working Paper 40341, July 2012.

[2011] Lee, Frederic S. “Heterodox surplus approach: production, prices, and value theory.” MPRA Working Paper 31824. June 2011.

[2011] Lee, Frederic S. “The Making of Heterodox Microeconomics,” MPRA Working Paper No. 30907, May 2011.

[2011] Lee, Frederic S. “Heterodox microeconomics and the foundation of heterodox macroeconomics.” MPRA Working Paper 30491. April 2011.

[2011] Lee, Frederic S. “Old controversy revisited: pricing, market structure, and competition.” MPRA Working Paper 30490. March 2011.

[2010] Lee, Frederic S. and Jo, Tae-Hee. “Social surplus approach and heterodox economics.” MPRA Working Paper 27636, December 2010.

[2010] Lee, Frederic S. and Jo, Tae-Hee. “Heterodox production and cost theory of the business enterprise “, MPRA Working Paper 27635, December 2010.

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