Issue-1 September, 29, 2004

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Conferences, Seminars and Lectures
Job Postings for Heterodox Economists
New Heterodox Books and Book Series

Job Postings for Heterodox Economists

Conferences, Seminars and Lectures

Heterodox Economics Associations

Joint ANZSEE/CofFEE Conference

December 8-10, 2004

The University of Newcastle, Australia


For papers and program matters: coffee@newcastle.edu.au

For conference admin matters:


Telephone -  (61 2) 4921 7283 Fax - (61 2) 4921 8731

The Conference website has now been updated to include a preliminary list of papers and abstracts.

These are available under the link Preliminary program and abstracts.

Please also be reminded that abstracts for the non-refereed stream should be submitted by September 17.

The 3-day Conference program covers the following broad themes:


Day 1 (December 8):

- welfare to work issues;

- macroeconomic policy and full employment;

- long-term, youth and indigenous unemployment;

- employment policy for the disabled;

- policy responses to unemployment.


Day 2 (December 9):

- GDP growth, jobs and the environment;

- the future of work including issues regarding sustainability and job design;

- regional employment/unemployment;

- full employment and sustainability;

- sustainability and industry structure;

- creating more secure employment and environmental futures.


Day 3 (December 10):

- transition to ecological sustainability;

- accounting for sustainability and social progress;

- eco-efficiency and the biophysical economy;

- consumption and well-being;

- green technology;

- trade and the environment;

- cultural shift and the political economy of sustainability.

A Future that Works - Economics, Employment and the Environment

Tenure Track Opening In Economics at Drew University, Madison, N.J.

The Department of Economics at Drew University (Madison, N.J.) invites applications for a tenure track position at the Assistant Professor (Ph.D.) level beginning September 2005, subject to budgetary approval. We seek an economist who will teach Intermediate Microeconomics, Industrial Organization/Public Policy Toward Business and either Feminist Economics or The Economics of Poverty/Urban Economics.   This individual may also, on occasion, teach interdisciplinary courses or first year seminars.  Drew University is a liberal arts institution dedicated to excellence in teaching and scholarship. Annual teaching load is five courses.  Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vita, statement of teaching philosophy, three letters of reference and evidence of teaching effectiveness.  The review of complete applications will begin December 1 and continue until the position is filled.   Contact: Professor Donald P. Cole,  Search Committee, Economics Department, Drew University, 36 Madison Avenue, Madison, N.J. 07940.  All applications should be sent in hard copy form.  For further information, visit the department's website, which can be found at www.depts.drew.edu/econ/.  Drew University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Saint Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's, MD

E0  Macroeconomics & Monetary Economics

G0 Financial Economics


The Department of Economics invites applications for a full-time tenure track position at the Assistant Professor level to begin fall 2005. The successful candidate will have teaching and research interests in the fields of Macroeconomics and Financial Economics. We seek applicants who are committed to excellence in teaching and research in a liberal arts setting. Ph.D. with some teaching experience is preferred but ABDs will be considered.  The position offers a competitive salary and benefits.  Send letter of application, Curriculum Vita, three letters of reference and a statement of teaching philosophy. Review of applications will begin October 1, 2004.  Complete applications must be received by November 15, 2004 for consideration for interviews at the AEA meetings in Philadelphia.  Saint Mary's College of Maryland, a public Carnegie Baccalaureate Liberal Arts institution, located 70 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. in St. Mary’s City, is Maryland’s designated honors college.  With highly selective admissions policies, academically talented students, and a rigorous curriculum, we have been labeled a “public ivy.”  St. Mary’s faculty benefit from a comprehensive program of support for scholarship, research, travel, curriculum development, and sabbaticals for pre-tenure and tenured faculty.  The quality of life is enhanced by the recreational opportunities of the Chesapeake region and proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.  St. Mary’s College of Maryland is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.  CONTACT: Andy Kozak, Chair, Search Committee, Economics Department, St. Mary's College of MD, 18952 E. Fisher Road, St. Mary's City, MD 20686-3001

Department of Economics, University of Utah

Dept. of Economics, Unv. of Utah, will be recruiting this year to fill two positions at the Asst Professor level in political economy and applied econometrics.


Political Economy


The Department of Economics invites applications for a full-time tenure track appointment in Political Economy at the Assistant Professor level, which is defined in a way to include the full diversity of non mainstream approaches to economics, including, but not limited to, Marxist, NeoRicardian, Post-Keynesian, and institutional economics. Candidates must have sufficient training or experience to teach a graduate survey course in political economy as defined above, and should have an ongoing research interest in one or more of the areas of political economy. The duties include teaching four undergraduate/graduate courses each year, participating on committees and collaboration with other faculty, actively pursuing a research program, and publishing. The appointment will begin on July 1, 2005, subject to final budgetary approval. The successful candidate must have a Ph.D by the time of the appointment to rank of assistant professor. To be considered for this position, please send a letter describing your interest, your curriculum vitae, a sample of writing, and the names and addresses of three references. Applications should be received by December 1, 2004 for earliest consideration. CONTACT: Ms. Becky Guillory, Adm. Officer, Department of Economics, University of Utah, 1645 Campus Center Dr. Room 308, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9300. For information about the Department, please see http://www.econ.utah.edu. The University of Utah, an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer, encourages applications from women and minorities.


C1  Econometric and Statistical Methods


The Department of Economics invites applications for a tenure track position at the assistant professor rank. Our department encourages heterodox and interdisciplinary teaching and research. We are interested in an applied econometrician working in a microeconomic aspect of, but not limited to, development, labor, gender, IO, environment, health or public policy, and who can teach econometrics both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The duties include teaching four undergraduate/graduate courses each year, participating on committees and collaboration with other faculty, actively pursuing a research program, and publishing. The appointment will begin on July 1, 2005, subject to final budgetary approval. The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. by the time of the appointment to rank of assistant professor. To be considered for this position, please send a letter describing your interest, your curriculum vitae, a sample of writing, and the names and addresses of three references. Applications should be received by December 1, 2004 for earliest consideration. CONTACT: Ms. Becky Guillory, Adm. Officer, Department of Economics, University of Utah, 1645 Campus Center Dr. Room 308, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9300. For information about the Department, please see http://www.econ.utah.edu. The University of Utah, an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer, encourages applications from women and minorities.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the largest and leading source of financing for regional development in Latin America and the Caribbean, is seeking both junior and senior-level Research Economists for the Research Department (RES, http://www.iadb.org/res) in its Washington, D.C. Headquarters.

The main tasks of the potential candidates would be to conduct comparative, policy-oriented economic research and provide advice on economic trends and development concerns affecting the region. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Economics and a minimum of 2 years of relevant professional and academic experience for junior positions. Research experience relevant to the Latin American and Caribbean Region is essential. Research experience on at least one of the following economic areas is desirable: open economy macroeconomics, economics of regulation, institutional economics and household economics. Fluency in English and Spanish is required. The IDB offers a competitive benefits and compensation package, including relocation expenses. Application deadline is October 8, 2004.

For further information and application procedures, please visit the IDB web site at http://www.iadb.org/hrd/vacancies.asp

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

New Heterodox Books/Book Series

Fabio Petri, General Equilibrium, Capital and Macroeconomics. A key to recent controversies in equilibrium theory,  Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 2004 (available end August for UK, October for USA)


This book argues that the shift in general equilibrium theory, from its early long-period to the modern very-short-period versions, has had very important consequences which are insufficiently appreciated by large parts of the economic profession. This shift has produced new difficulties, and has undermined central tenets of neoclassical macroeconomic theory (such as the negative dependence of aggregate investment on the interest rate or the existence of a downward-sloping demand curve for labour) which had their basis in the long-period versions where capital was treated and had to be treated as a single factor.

According to the author, what makes it difficult to appreciate these consequences is the current imperfect grasp of the long-period method (an approach common to classical and to the first generations of neoclassical economists, but nowadays often confused with steady-growth analysis). The origins of this problem date back to the 1930s, and to this day still obscure the history and the logic of the neoclassical approach. The book explains the analytical differences between long-period, steady-growth, and short-period general equilibrium analyses, and proves that on this basis considerable clarification can be achieved, not only in many aspects of the history of economic theory, but also in fundamental issues in the theories of value, distribution, capital, investment, employment and money. For example, the reasons for the disagreements in the 'Cambridge controversies' over capital theory become very apparent. The fruitfulness is then shown of a return to the long-period method, coupled with a return to the classical approach to wages combined with Keynes's principle of effective demand purged of its neoclassical residues.

Fabio Petri, General Equilibrium, Capital and Macroeconomics.

Heterodox Economics Associations

Dear All


I am writing this mail on behalf of the International Development

Economics Associates (IDEAs) secretariat. As you might know, IDEAs has

been established with the purpose of building a pluralist network of

heterodox economists engaged in teaching, research and application of

critical analyses of economic development.


As a part of our effort, we are trying to revamp and update our

database of individual researchers as well as academic centers,

programs and think tanks engaged in heterodox research and policy

analysis in the area of global economic policymaking and governance.


In this context, we will be grateful if you can spare a little time to

provide us some minimal information about your/your organisation's

research and contact details in the format given below.




Parthapratim Pal

Senior Economist



1. Name

2. Current Organization       

3. Position(s)           

4. Address

5. Phone/   Fax         

6. E-mail   

7. Research Area(s)/Expertise/Regional Expertise             

8. Recent Relevant Publications/Papers                          

9. Specific country/ies expertise (if applicable)

10. Relevant Consultancies/Experience (if applicable)      

11. Other Affiliations              

12. Languages/Fluency (if available)    

13. CV/ Biography (if available)

14. Personal website (if available)

For detailed information: http://www.networkideas.org


University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA

E000 - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

E400 - Money and Interest Rates

E600 - Macroeconomic Policy Formation


The Department of Economics invites applications for one anticipated tenure track opening at the assistant professor level beginning Fall 2005 (subject to final budgetary approval).  The successful applicant will have teaching and applied research interests in the areas of macroeconomics and monetary policy and would contribute to undergraduate general education, the economics major and graduate instruction.  Candidates with an interest in applied, interdisciplinary work are particularly encouraged to apply; we are interested in candidates who will interact well with the applied policy researchers currently in the department.  Candidates should have a Ph.D. and teaching experience.  Evidence of excellence in scholarship is desirable.

Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2004 and continue until the positions are filled.  Send letter of application, vita, a sample of written work, and three current letters of recommendation.  An equal opportunity-affirmative action employer.  CONTACT: Chair, Personnel Committee, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125-3393.

“Reassessing the Case for Free Trade”

Ingrid Rima will be hosting a mini-conference on the topic “Reassessing the Case for Free Trade” at Temple University’s Philadelphia center-city facility (TUCC) January 5th and 6th from 9AM to 4:30PM. This is a NO FEE conference, courtesy of the Dean of Temple’s Fox School of Business and Management, and precedes the ASSA conference.


The mini-conference will be sponsored by the Athenian Policy Forum (APF), which now has a peer reviewed Journal of Economic Asymmetries, in addition to edited conference volumes published by Edward Elgar Ltd of the UK.


The APF web sites are: www.apforum.org and www.apfpress.com.

Please send abstracts, or let me know about your planned attendance, by October 15, 2004 to irima@aol.com. The convention hotels will extend the ASSA rate.







                          Date:     15 - 17 September 2005


Place:    Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology

adjacent to University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri, United States


2005 will be the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World, the most radical union in North America.  To commemorate the anniversary, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is hosting a conference on radical economics.  The Conference theme is the role of radical economics in the labor movement in the United States and around the world.  Radical economics includes but is not restricted to anarchism, Marxism, syndicalism, radical Institutionalism, left-wing Keynesianism, and plain old-fashion radical economics.  Proposals on any aspect of the theme are invited.


For detailed information: IWWCONF.doc






TIME: 28 SEPTEMBER 2004, 5:30PM



For Detailed Information: PaulDavidson.pdf

Microeconomics in Context

By Neva Goodwin, Julie A. Nelson, Frank Ackerman, and Thomas Weisskopf


Microeconomics in Context provides a thorough introduction to the principles of microeconomics through a fresh and realistic portrait of the world of the 21st century. Microeconomics in Context will help your students gain a deeper understanding of economic analysis and contemporary controversies of interest and importance. It examines economic activity in its environmental and social contexts, drawing on both traditional economic principles and new research to give your students greater insight into our economic world.

Order from Houghton Mifflin

For detailed information: Microeconomics in Context.doc

Association for Institutional Thought (AFIT) Conference

Association for Institutional Thought (AFIT) conference will be held in Albuquerque, NM in April.

You may find the call for papers either at:





The AFIT conference is part of the Western Social Science Association annual conference. 

For the conference information, dates, hotels, etc... visit


The Second bi-annual Dijon Conference



The Second bi-annual Dijon Conference

Sponsored by the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics

May 19-21, 2005

Université de Bourgogne, Laboratoire d’Economie Gestion, Dijon, France


Deadline for proposals: December 15, 2004

Deadline for final draft of paper: April 1, 2005


Organized by Claude Gnos and Louis-Philippe Rochon

For detailed Information: DijonConference.doc


I am looking for Heterodox economists to participate in the following panels (open to all views) at the Eastern Economics Association Meetings 4-6 March 2005 in New York City.


-Fisher's theory of interest rate and the notion of real interest rate: Do real values matter?

(Open to both views: those who like the notion of real rate and those who do not. I will personally argue against.)


-Monetary Policy in a Post Keynesian Framework: (I will do something about asset prices and monetary policy, but everything is possible again)


-Money: History, Nature, Role: (I will defend the chartalist approach and will look at its implication in terms of liquidity preference and economic history. Again it is open to the chartalist and non-chartalist economists.)

If you are interested, please e-mail me at:  tymoignee@umkc.edu.




The conference will examine social policies and their outcomes from multiple perspectives and assess current challenges to social progress.

November 11-12, 2004

Ruth S. Harley University Center

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY



* Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor of Economics, Columbia University, New York, NY

 Full Employment and Social Well-Being in a Global Economy

* Joakim Palme, Director, Institute for Futures Studies; Professor, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

 The Future of the Social Democratic Model


PANELISTS from across the globe will address social policy issues in cross-national perspective:

* Gender

* Aging

* Employment

* Social Exclusion

* Families and Youth

* Immigration

* Housing

* Health Care

*Welfare reform



Early Registration for both days is $75  (BY October 15, 2004) Registration for both days is $90 (AFTER October 15, 2004)

Student and one-day registration rates are also available. To register for the conference and for more information about speakers, agenda, and accommodations, visit www.adelphi.edu/peoplematter


Conference Committee:

-Maud Edgren-Schori, Department of Social Work, Stockholm University, Co-Chair -Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, School of Social Work, Adelphi University, Co-Chair -Stacey Dyckman, Assistant to the Doctoral Program, Adelphi University School of Social Work -Bonnie Eissner, Associate Director of Public Affairs, Adelphi University -Elizabeth Palley, School of Social Work, Adelphi University -Andrew Safyer, Dean, School of Social Work, Adelphi University -Robert A. Scott, President, Adelphi University -Hugh Wilson, Department of Political Science, Adelphi University

FOR COMPLETE PROGRAM DETAILS, VISIT www.adelphi.edu/peoplematter

Capital, Empire And Revolution

As part of the preparation for the London European Social Forum, the journals HISTORICAL MATERIALISM and SOCIALIST REGISTER, as well as the ISAAC AND TAMARA DEUTSCHER MEMORIAL PRIZE COMMITTEE invite you to a two-day conference on 'CAPITAL, EMPIRE AND REVOLUTION' on Saturday 9 October - Sunday 10 October 2004, at Birkbeck College, London (Malet Street, Russell Square and Goodge Street Underground Stations).



9.30-11.00 Plenary session:



PATRICK BOND, 'Necessary and Contradictory features of Subimperialism: The

Case of South Africa'

PAUL MATTICK JNR., 'Explaining the Asian Crisis: Theory and Observation in the Critique of Political Economy'

DOUG STOKES, 'America's Other War: Terrorising Colombia'11.00-11.30 Break

11.30-13.00 Plenary session:


ALEX CALLINICOS, 'Building a New Left: The Politics of Resisting Neoliberalism'

ELMAR ALTVATER, 'The Capitalist Social Formation, the Fossil Energy Regime,

and Conflicts about Oil Supply'

RICHARD WALKER, 'The Boom and the Bombshell: The New Economy and the Transformation of San Francisco'

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 Plenary session:


NEIL DAVIDSON, 'How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions ?'

BENNO TESCHKE, 'Bourgeois Revolution, State-Formation and the Problem of the International'



16.30-18.30 Workshops

Workshop 1:

MOISHE POSTONE, 'History and Helplessness: Toward a Critique of Fetishized


Workshop 2:

ANDRES PIQUERAS, 'The Social Structure of Accumulation, the Accumulation

Model and its Closing under Mature Capitalism'

RAY KIELY, 'US Imperialism and Global Capitalism'

DENILE CONVERSI, 'Cultural Blowback: The USA in the Politics of Anti-Globalisation'

Workshop 3:

SUMIT SARKAR, 'Marxist Approaches to Hindutva'


09.30-11.00 Plenary session: CAPITAL AND VALUE

CHRISTOPHER J. ARTHUR, 'The Idea of Capital'

PATRICK MURRAY, 'Capital : The Mismeasure of Wealth'

MICHAEL HEINRICH, 'Ambivalences in Marx's Critique of Political Economy as

Obstacles for the Analysis of Contemporary Capitalism'

11.00-11.15 Break

11.15-13.00 Workshops

Workshop 1:

'Third-World Capitalism and the Developmentalist State in Comparative


A Symposium on Vivek Chibber's Locked in Place: State-Building and Late Industrialization in India'





Workshop 2:

GEORGE COMNINEL, 'The Feudal Foundations of Modern Europe'



Workshop 3:

JOSEPH FRACCHIA, 'Historical Materialism as Corporeal Semiotics:  The

Corporeal Foundations of Marx's Critique of Capitalism'

DAVID MCNALLY, 'Commodity Fetishism and the Labouring Body: Dialectical Reversals in "One of Marx's Least Understood Jokes"'

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00 Plenary session:


2005, 'The Empire Reloaded'








Attendance is free, but if you would like to attend this conference, please register by sending your name by email to hm@lse.ac.uk.

University of Oslo

1-2 Researcher positions

Up to 2 positions as Researcher (SKO 1109) available at Centre for

Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK), Faculty of Social Sciences,

University of Oslo. For further information please contact Director

Professor Helge Hveem (phone: + 47 22840623, E-mail:

helge.hveem@tik.uio.no) or Administrative Head of Centre Irene Sandlie

(phone: +47 22840618, E-mail: irene.sandlie@tik.uio.no)

Salary (Ltr.: 53-65) depending on qualifications. The application deadline

is 5th of October 2004. Ref. nr. 04/8321.

Applications must include CV, education certificates and references and

should be addressed to: Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture,

University of Oslo, P.O Box 1108 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway.

Two new, externally financed researcher positions will be established at

Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK).

Women are particularly invited to apply. The overall goal of TIK’s

research strategy is to explore the production of knowledge, the interplay

between science and technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, based on

interdisciplinary linkages between social sciences and the humanities

(sciences of art). TIK has a total staff of around 50 employees including

the permanent scientific positions, professor II, PhD candidates,

postdoctoral research fellows, and administration. TIK has its own program

(PhD and postdoc) for research training within the doctoral programme of

the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Centre is responsible for the

Norwegian part of an international MA programme on science, technology and

society (ESST), and a project oriented BA subject within the field of

organization and leadership. A new programme is being developed. TIK’s

research is organized in four research groups within and across three main

research areas related to production of knowledge: 1) Science and

technology, nature and culture; 2) Economic culture and organization; and

3) Innovation, growth and development in a global economy. The applicants

must have qualifications within one of the three research areas and

experience with research integrating these problems and perspectives. The

candidate must have a Ph.d.-degree or other relevant qualifications.

Scientific production and international publishing over the last few years

and potential for future research will be emphasized. The chosen

researcher must contribute to long term development of the research areas

and research environment at the Centre. She/he must have competence which

can be used in different types of projects and in accordance with TIK’s

priorities.  (The TIK centre is to a considerable degree based on external

financing. We are thus looking for persons with considerable engagement in

research and who will enjoy work in a dynamic environment). Those who are

successful in obtaining a position will initiate and lead research

projects. They should therefore have proven experience in acquiring

research funding. The successful candidate will also to some extent take

part in teaching courses and supervising students, PhD and MA. Relevant

experience will therefore be an advantage. Ability to cooperate, to build

and take part in networks and some experience in research administration

will be emphasized. In evaluating the applicants and in accordance with

the usual academic norms, particular emphasis will be put on the submitted

scientific publications.  In ranking those applicants who are found

qualified by the commission, emphasis will be put on documented ability to

acquire research funding, dissemination of research, teaching experience

and pedagogical qualifications, general dissemination, and other

qualifications including from other activities.

Applicants must enclose 4 copies of the application letter together with

complete overview on educational background, previous positions held, and

other experience. In addition a complete list of scientific works with

information on publisher and project funding (plan) must be enclosed.

Applicants must indicate which of the scientific works that is to be

considered important for this application. The number of these should not

exceed 10. Documentation on pedagogical qualifications must be enclosed

and summarized. Applicants must enclose 4 complete sets of (published or

unpublished) scientific work that are to be considered.

The application is to be sent to: Centre for Technology, Innovation and

Culture (TIK), University of Oslo, P.O.Box  1108 Blindern, 0317 Oslo,

Norway.  Interviews are part of the application process, and applicants

may be demanded to held trial lectures.

Papers in Progress

Macroeconomic Instability

For Detailed Information:  MI.doc

Papers in Progress

Free Trade and the Environment:  Mexico, NAFTA, and Beyond

by Kevin P. Gallagher

(Stanford University Press, 2004; $42.50 Cloth; $16.95 paper)


Free Trade and the Environment examines the impact economic integration

has on the environment, focusing on Mexico, which transformed itself

from one of the world's most closed economies to one of the most open.

Mexico's experience offers a cautionary tale for governments and

policy-makers considering the hotly debated relationship between

globalization and the environment.


This volume investigates two commonly held and opposing beliefs in the

policy community about the impact of free trade on the environment.

While some argue that free trade will raise incomes in developing

countries, thus encouraging governments to protect the environment,

others argue that free trade simply provides an incentive for

heavily-polluting firms to move to developing countries with lax

environmental regulations. This volume shows that for Mexico neither

position is correct, and concludes with a set of concrete

recommendations for policies that couple environmental protection with

economic integration.


For information, a table of contents, and ordering information, see:


Skidmore College/ Saratoga Springs, New York

A10 General Economics


Skidmore College seeks two tenure-track faculty beginning September 2005. Rank and salary are negotiable. We are primarily interested in candidates who embrace the teacher-scholar model within a liberal arts framework. Preference will be given to candidates whose interests lie in the areas of environmental economics and policy, international money and finance, and statistics and applied econometrics. Five course teaching load, including a willingness to participate in the College’s interdisciplinary programs (Women’s Studies, Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Law and Society, and International Affairs). We welcome applications from individuals working in all traditions of economic analysis. Skidmore is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and ethnic minorities to apply. Candidates will be expected to have completed their Ph.D. by September, 2005. Initial applications should consist of a resume, statement of teaching and research interests, writing sample and 3 letters of recommendation, all of which may be sent by e-mail to rotheim@skidmore.edu.  The application deadline is November 15, 2004.  Interviews will be conducted at the AEA meetings in January. Contact: Roy J. Rotheim, Chairperson, Department of Economics, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Call for Papers –NAFTA

For detailed information: NAFTA.doc