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IIPPE was founded in 2006 with the following aims:
- Promote Marxist political economy
- Command and criticise mainstream economics
- Critically and constructively engage with heterodox alternatives
- Assess and advance political economy across other social sciences
- Engage with activism through formulation of progressive policy and support for progressive movements.

IIPPE launches at Historical Materialism 2008

Following the initial inception of IIPPE in 2006, momentum behind the initiative has steadily built over the last 18 months with numerous new working groups forming across the social sciences. As a culmination of these efforts we are delighted to launch IIPPE formally at the Historical Materialism Annual Conference, 7-9th November 2008 at SOAS, University of London. The official launch will take place at 4pm on the 7th November in the Khalili Lecture Theatre and will be followed by a joint reception with the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize. The launch session will act as an opportunity to inform about and advertise IIPPE among conference participants. It is also a chance to broadcast IIPPE’s founding tenets and showcase some of the working groups and their activities. For those interested in finding out more about individual working groups and their activities the reception, following the launch will have more information available.
To register for attendance at Historical Materialism 2008 please visit 

IIPPE Panels at Historical Materialism 2008

Following the success of the IIPPE panels at the Historical Materialism conference 2007, IIPPE has organised three panels for this year’s conference. These panels are based on three of IIPPE’s working groups that have been established in the last year. The session organised by the newly established Socialism Working Group
“Socialism in Search of an Economic System”. The panel features papers by Dimitris Milonakis, Al Campbell and Pat Devine. The Commodity Studies Working Group continues from previous panels at HM 2006 and 2007 in presenting theoretical and empirical work that goes beyond the Global Value Chain analysis. Speakers will include Guido Starosta, Ben Richardson, Susan Newman and Nicolas Pons-Vignon. The International Financial Institutions (IFI) Working Group delves into the relationships between the research, the rhetoric and the policies of the IFIs. Elisa van Waeyenberge, Kate Bayliss and Ben Fine will discuss the position of the World Bank as a knowledge bank as well as assessing its research for development policy. Whilst not exclusively IIPPE panels, the HM conference will also host two related sessions, one on Financialised Capitalism with Costas Lapavitsas, Paulo Dos Santos and Juan Pablo Painceira. The second associated session is a roundtable discussion of two recent publications, “From Political Economy to Economics” and “From Economics Imperialism to Freakonomics” both co-authored by Ben Fine and Dimitris Milonakis.

IIPPE Working Groups

Working Groups form the backbone of IIPPE. The purpose of the working groups is to facilitate discussion and collaboration in order to strengthen and further the development of political economy. We currently have working groups organised around 18 topics (see box below for a full list of the WGs as well as contact details for each). IIPPE working groups are at various stages of development and each running itself subject to conforming to broader IIPPE aims. So far, activities that have been organised by IIPPE working groups include workshops, panels at conferences, online debates and exchange of literature and other resources. The IIPPE working groups have brought together researchers from across disciplines, institutions and countries. A number of working groups are planning working paper series and other collaborative work. IIPPE is looking to expand the diversity and scope of the working groups, and we welcome suggestions and offers to organise new working groups as well as collaboration with other working groups from outside the initiative. Those interested in this should contact individual working groups or, for more general enquiries, those interested in setting up new groups please contact
Note that, whilst the IIPPE website is already available, it is still under construction and is being modified in response to the rapidly evolving expansion of IIPPE activity.

Current Working Groups

Agrarian Change: D. Johnston ( )

ommodity Studies: L. Campling (

Development State: J. Saraswati ( )

Eastern Europe & Transition Economies: J. Marangos ( )

Financialisation: A. Kaltenbrunner( ) & R. Upadhyaya ( )

Geography: G. Charnock (  )

Heterodoxy: J. Toporowski ( )

International Financial Institutions: E. van Waeyenberge( )

International Political Economy: S. Ashman ( )

Marx: H. Jeon ( )

Minerals-Energy Complex: N. Pons-Vignon ( )

Neo-liberalism: A. Saad-Filho ( ) K.Birch ( )

Political Economy of Conflict and Violence: C. Cramer ( )

Political Economy of Institutions: D. Milonakis ( ) & D. Ankarloo ( )

Political Economy of Work: A. Brown ( ) & D. Spencer ( )

Privatisation: K. Bayliss ( )

Social CapitaL:A. Christoforou ( )

Socialism: A. Campbell ( ) & G. Lambrinidis (  )

IIPPE Newsletter